What to Keep in the Kitchen and What to Let Go of in 2019


2018 has waved goodbye, and 2019 has ushered an opportunity for getting your life in check. For this year be sure to have your things organised. The kitchen, for example, is no place for any excess clutter such as that Christmas gift blender from two years ago or that noisy juicer that you haven’t touched in years. The kitchen should have just t he essentials of what you need, but never become a place where you have so many items that you lose track of what you should keep and what you should give away.

Here are some items to keep and to let go of in your kitchen to embrace the new year with a fresh start in one of the busiest areas of the house.

Let go of aged worktops

Contrary to popular belief, worktops need to be replaced regularly. If they’re not made of the right material, they might not be equipped to last for a long time. For example, if it’s not a Silestone worktop that’s resistant to stain absorption and scratches, then you might be holding on to a worktop that will lose its finish in the next few years. Having your organic worktops such as wood and quartz pre-sealed and maintained by experts such as Granite Planet can help you avoid replacing them sooner than you should in the future.

Keep: shelves and just shelves

A growing trend now is having open shelves instead of cabinets so that it’s easier to clean the kitchen once springtime comes. However, you might need to purchase multiple sealed containers for your various seasonings and food items to make sure that they’re protected. The benefits might not outweigh the cons and expense involved depending on the size and shape of your kitchen. Before you start sabotaging your kitchen, keeping your floor cabinets are, of course, a must.

Let go of extra utensils and unused tools

We’re all a little bit guilty of overspending when it comes to kitchen utensils and gadgets. You never know if you’ll need a filet knife or that extra cheese grater. But the problem with this is that we often stock up on too many objects in our kitchen that they end up collecting dust and being unusable anyway. Try to make it a habit to know which utensils you don’t use on a regular basis. If it’s still unused in the next two months, then you probably don’t need it in your kitchen.

Keep: wall fixtures

The best way to optimise space in the kitchen is by utilising wall space. Instead of relegating it merely to accommodate hooks for hanging kitchen implements, you can use the space for mounted shelves together with the addition of wall décor that can eat up the blank space of your kitchen. Don’t let the practicality of the area limit your creativity in installing artworks, work chalkboards, a to-do list, or even photographs to add a little bit of spice to the personality of your home.



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