Eco-Friendly Termite Control That Really Works

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Termites are among the most destructive pests that can possibly infest the home. Termites cause damage to the structure of the home, often requiring a large sum of money to repair. For most homeowners, getting rid of these pests with pesticides and other chemicals is the easy way out. However, this often comes with a drawback as the chemicals have negative effects on human health as well as the environment. This is why it is more beneficial to use eco-friendly measures to control termite infestation in the home. Find out more info below:

Eco-Friendly Means of Controlling Termite Infestation in The Home

There are simple and inexpensive means of controlling termite infestation in your home, some of them are discussed below.

  • Foundation: There are different entry points that termites explore when getting into a home, and one of them is the foundation. These insects travel through underground channels and mud tubes to get into the home. In order to deal with this, you can make the foundation inaccessible to the termites by creating barriers. This barrier blocks the termites from creating the mud tunnels that they use to get into the house. The barrier should be at least seven inches in order to be very effective. Enlisting the help of a pest control company will help you to get the dimension right, and set up the foundation barrier properly. Getting it right means you can get rid of your termite infestation problem completely.
  • Heat Treatment: Heat kills termites and if done properly, you can get rid of them by using this method. The temperature required to kill termites is 120 degrees, but the downside to this is too hot for you to cope with. This means that you need the services of a reliable pest control company, to use their special equipment to apply heat in the affected areas.
  • Termite Poisoning: Many people often confuse termite poisoning with pesticides. However, they are very different processes that produce different results. Termite poisoning, as the name suggests refers to the use of poison on affected areas to kill the termites. The poison is applied to the wood after which the termites eat it and die. This way, the chemical does not spread to the rest of the house or affect the environment.
  • Termite Freezing: Another eco-friendly way of killing termites is by freezing. This entails the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the insects to death. This method does not affect any area in the home or the environment for that matter. This treatment can only be carried out with the help of a pest control company. Be sure to call a season pest control company before performing the freezing treatment.

There are other termite control methods that are environmentally friendly, which you can be introduced to when you contact a seasoned pest control company near you.

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