Essential Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

Is there anything more fun or relaxing than enjoying yourself in a swimming pool in the summer? And, if you’re lucky enough to own an aboveground pool, you can enjoy it all in the comfort of your own back yard, while you share it with friends and family. With weekly service during the summer months, aboveground swimming pools Pittsburgh pa can last many years. Here are some basics that professionals can provide

Opening for the Summer

When spring has finally come, and you’re ready to open your pool, a professional pool company can help you take its cover off and fill it with water to the proper levels. They will inspect and hook up your filtration system and make sure the power sources are grounded and functioning. They will also clean away dirt and leaves, and make sure chemicals such as chlorine and alkaline are in balance so the pool stays clear and clean, and safe for swimmers.

Weekly Maintenance

For swimming pools Pittsburgh pa that are up and running, it’s important to schedule regular weekly maintenance. This includes vacuuming the pool liner, cleaning the filter, and checking the chemicals. Chemicals that are out of balance can make the water cloudy, or taste and smell strange. Worse, they can irritate swimmers’ skin and eyes, and may require expensive solutions or full draining, if left untreated.

Closing for the Winter

When it’s time to say goodbye to swimming pools Pittsburgh pa for the season, a professional company will drain the water only as much as is necessary. They’ll also add special winterizing chemicals which will keep the water as clean and chemically balanced as possible in winter conditions, making for an easier opening the next year. After that, they unhook the filter system and cover the pool.

An aboveground pool is a great thing to have, and with a little proper maintenance it will serve you a long time.

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