The basics to selecting a quality metal roof


There are chances that you may buy a substandard metal roof leading to disappointment. The low-quality metal roof may degrade the functioning of your roof and compromise the safety of the house. Hence, installing a high-quality metal roof with warranties is important.

Expect good quality

As a consumer, you can measure the quality of your product. A metal roof is a major financial investment that you make for the beauty and safety of your house. It is a long-term investment that aids energy-saving and boosts the resale value of your property. Hence, here is a guide to help you stay informed and educated about making a good purchase decision.


The warranty of your roof comes from the roofing company in Edmonton. The manufacturer should be reliable and proven and the one who has experience in this field. The manufacturer can be national, international and regional. It is important to check out these minute details before placing your order. While some roofing companies in Edmonton may be committed to residential roofing, others may have a good commercial roofing supply. Make sure the manufacturer meets your expectations and needs.


Like the other construction materials, your metal roof also has two warranties: product and installation. So, make sure you get both before signing the contract. Review the warranties before finalizing the deal, and make sure you have chosen a credible company for it. Find out what the warranty covers and for what period. Also, enquire if the warranty can be transferred to a new owner and it offers coverage against wind and hail too?

Roofing material

There are different materials used for roofing by a roofing company in Edmonton. Different roofing materials can be used according to your requirement, from steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Aluminum is usually recommended for corrosive coastal regions. Hence, your preferences may differ depending on your budget, location and liking.


Different roofs feature different coating to prevent direct exposure to sunlight. Constant exposure to the elements of nature may deteriorate its quality and make it fade. Common coatings recommended are acrylic, polyester variant and PVDF. You should find out which one is suitable for your roof depending on your location and the type of finish you want and choose it.


A major part of your roofing decision is the style of metal you choose. There are several styles accessible with a unique look. A roofing company in Edmonton has options like shingles, shake, tile, standing metal seam and more. There are several decorative styles that you can use for your roof. Along with the look, you need to keep two major considerations in mind:

Fastening: Will it have hidden or exposed fasteners? Exposed fasteners are cheaper than concealed ones.

Interlock or overlap: Some roofs completely interlock on their sides, while others overlap. Overlap roof may open space for debris, endangering roof system working.

Lastly, a major key for roofing in Edmonton is installation. Make sure you choose a reliable, professional, reputable and experienced roofing company in Edmonton with well-skilled installers for it.

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