Tips for Hiring a Reputable Mover


Whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers, moving requires a lot of time and work. You can make the process much easier by hiring the right moving company, and this requires more than just searching for local movers, such as “professional movers Peterborough ON.” These are a few tips to help you have the smoothest move possible.

Goals and Inventory

The first step in your moving process is determining your goals. For example, when do you want to move, what’s your budget and what specific services are you looking for? Then, you should take a detailed inventory of your belongings so you can compare it to the moving company’s inventory before and after the move.

Do Your Research

Your friends, neighbors and family members are great resources for referrals. You can also ask local real estate agents. However, you should also do some research of your own. For example, contact the Better Business Bureau to determine the moving companies’ status and outstanding claims. You may also contact your local chamber of commerce for both recommendations and complaints against companies in your area. Ensure the companies are licensed and insured.


Before you ask for pricing, ask the moving companies to walk through your property. This will ensure you receive an accurate estimate. Beware of companies that give you a walk-through estimate and then want to charge more during the moving process. Your estimate should be written down and agreed to by both parties.

Avoid paying deposits prior to the move. Your payment should be due upon delivery, not when the contract is signed or your belongings are picked up. You can also reduce your moving costs by packing your own goods, but this may affect your guarantee, so ask the company. You may be charged extra fees if the movers have to go up or down stairs or if they have to drive down narrow streets. Find out all the fees before signing your contract.

If you are moving, consider hiring a reputable moving company.

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