Bring the Movie Experience To Your Own Home


With more and more people watching movies from the comfort of their own home, many also want to experience the theater feel without leaving their own house.  TMF 家匠 has put together some great design inspirations for you to consider.

1. Having a room that has a minimal disturbance is always best, for example a spare bedroom. Having less windows is a huge advantage but you can cover them in any case for a darker interior.

TMF 家匠

2. Understand what kind of home theater equipment you will need. You have to make sure to know that the visual equipment resides in the center of the room and the speakers should be symmetrically apart. Best to compare different pricing options as such equipment can be very expensive.

3. Having no decorative elements on the wall helps to keep sound quality at its best. However, if you want to decorate, keep a minimalistic design approach.

4. Always make sure that the furniture is comfortable to sit on as you be spending hours at a time watching movies. These can include sectional sofas, and recliners. If possible, also add in drink and snack holders for a more theater-like feel and convenience.

5. Lighting is also an important factor for an authentic theater experience. If you are able to install lights that have dimming technology, that will work best to make the room feel more like a real theater. Also, try to cover the windows in dark drapes to help keep the light out.

6. Minimalism works best, having too many decorative items in your home theater can become a distraction, and take away from the experience.

Utilizing these tips will help you to create a fantastic home theater experience that you can share with friends and family. Relax in the comfort of your own movie home and enjoy movies or binge on Netflix.

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