Tips for Showing a House Under the Stars


House hunters usually mark their calendars for Sunday afternoon, the traditional time for real estate agents to present open houses. Breaking the mold, sellers could consider showing off their houses in the evening and night to attract buyers after work. To pull off this exciting selling trick, create a positive effect using these techniques.

Present in a New Light

Strategically lighting up your house’s exterior will make create a lively first impression, a magical effect in the same way that Disneyland under the stars presents itself. Focus your efforts on both your home’s facade; and your landscape using tree lighting port Washington NY. Don’t forget to light the pathways as well.

Make a Sound Second Impression

At the end of the will-lit walkway, a freshly-painted door should greet home buyers. The entranceway could also house clean, classy planters and a new welcome mat so that they enter the house with a positive, expectant attitude.

Clean and then Clean Some More

Any time you show your house it needs to be clear of dirt and clutter. You need to enforce this standard even more at night when you want to give the impression of a house that is easy-to-maintain after a long workday. It is important that visitors fall into a zone of relaxation as they tour the home.

Clear the Air

Many home browsers can’t get past unpleasant smells, no matter how temporary. On the eve of the showing open windows to let in the fresh air, and empty garbage pails. Eat out so that the kitchen is odor-free. Even so, you can quickly bake some goods. The smell of freshly-crafted cookies can spark images of nighttime family gatherings.

When home searchers see many houses on bright weekend afternoons, offering a change-of-pace can work in a seller’s favor. By presenting a showing on a weekday night, you can light potential buyers’ imaginations.


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