What Makes a Stadium Great?


Building a stadium is not a common occurrence for today. Most arenas and complexes have already been built. For teams and towns who are looking to construct a new one though, there are several things to consider to make it a beloved team home. The structure does not solely make it a popular or well-loved stadium. There are other things that give it its reputation. Here are four factors to think about.

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The spirit of the fans can make or break the atmosphere of a stadium. A devoted hometown has the power to cheer their team on to victory. Players can feel the enthusiasm and belief of their fans. Chants will echo throughout the crowd, declaring the love supporters have for their team. The best stadiums are made by the best fans. The ones who will wear their team’s colors, jerseys, and paraphernalia proudly. Different arenas are often defined by the environment game day brings.


A good stadium requires a good playing field. Sports such as soccer, football, and baseball require grass. Some teams will use Smarturf to supply their artificial grass. Many prefer to grow a natural lawn for their fields, but other’s circumstances force them to research other options. The fake grass Austin sports teams use is one several look into. Other sports need hardwood floors, ice rinks, and dirt tracks for their complex.


When a sporting event occurs, there should be somewhere that fans can sit or stand. While these venues are not made to be overly comfortable, there should be some concern for what people will be sitting in for hours. Well-loved stadiums have seats that have some padding and are not as hard as a rock. Cup holders on the seat or in front of each seat are almost a necessity in every arena. Sports complexes try to squeeze in as many people as possible, making personal space as small as possible.


Most stadiums will have different concession stands. While it may seem easier to sell the same thing at all of them, fans look forward to being able to choose from several options. This doesn’t mean there are numerous eating places, it just ensures that there is more than one style of food. The more you offer, the more people will enjoy coming to games.

Stadiums are known as homes for their teams. The building is not what gives it this classification, it is the atmosphere that is created inside it during a game.

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