3 Natural Cleaning Products You Probably Already Have

Bath and Showers

Some of the best cleaning methods are the natural ones. Although there is definitely a time and a place for harsher chemicals, like bleach and ammonia, it doesn’t mean that you need to use them for every cleaning task. During these times where spring cleaning means more than dusting and organizing, keep your home disinfected the natural way.

Steam Cleaning

Take advantage of professional steam cleaning Tallahassee FL, services to get your house cleaner than it’s ever been. These services offer both carpet and upholstery cleaning using nothing but water heated to steam. You can also invest in your own steam cleaning machine with attachments for things like cleaning faucets and windows. What better natural disinfectant than water?

Baking Soda and Vinegar

These two organic chemicals are a cleaning miracle solution. Use them together or separately on carpet and clothing stains, in your laundry and as a disinfectant on surfaces. They work wonders getting surfaces, like toilets and stained ceramic pieces, super white, and both are fantastic for getting rid of any nasty lingering odors. Best of all, neither will stain or weaken fabrics over time.

Dawn Dish Soap

Getting rid of tough grease and stains is what Dawn does best. You can use it in everything from an all-purpose cleaning spray to a strong, nontoxic solution for cleaning your oven. Dawn will not stain or warp your fabrics, and it’s Earth-friendly, meaning that it’s also kid and pet friendly. Best of all, it’s easy on the pocketbook, and a little bit goes a long way; one bottle will last you for weeks. Combine Dawn with the aforementioned baking soda and vinegar and you’ve got yourself a powerful cleaning solution.

Disinfecting your home and getting it super clean and hygienic is more important than ever. If you’re wary of using chemicals and toxins to clean your home, swap out natural methods instead.

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