How To Fit Your Own Carpet

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The addition of carpet to your home can create a comfortable and warm environment while it can also add a touch of style or class to make your home feel like it has your personal touch. However, a carpet that is badly fitted is very obvious and can also lead to significant wasted time tucking in the corners or the frayed edges, especially if the carpet was not properly installed. Indeed, if you choose to fit a carpet yourself, then you may encounter significant problems, especially given that the process is far more complicated than it seems. If you have recently purchased a carpet or if you want to renovate a room in your house and install a new carpet, then you should consider contacting a firm of carpet fitters in your local area. However, if you want to attempt the job yourself, then you should consider these main factors which can influence the eventual outcome.

Save yourself time and effort

If you think that installing a carpet may be beyond your do-it-yourself skills, then you should consider searching online for a company which specialises in carpet fitting in Brighton for advice or information. By hiring a company to install a new carpet in your home, then you can prevent potential injury as well as save yourself time and money as a result of a badly fitted carpet.

Fit carpet grippers

When fitting a carpet in a room, you should always undertake two separate stages; the first of which uses carpet grippers to fix the carpet to the floor. The use of carpet grippers is important, especially as they contain a number of sharp pins which will hold your carpet securely and prevent it from moving or slipping when people walk on it. However, carpet grippers can be potentially hazardous as a result of the number of sharp pins. Therefore, you should always remember to wear a pair of gloves to prevent damage to your fingers. In addition, before fitting carpet grippers, you should always check for any wires or pipes that may be hidden under the floor while you can then securely fix the carpet grippers to the outside of the floor in the room that you have chosen to install a new carpet.

Use underlay

Once you have installed the carpet grippers on the floor, then you should prepare to put down a layer of underlay. Indeed, a carpet only fits into a room as well as its underlay is installed. Therefore, it is important that you purchase a good quality underlay as well as take a significant amount of time to get it right. To achieve this, you could also use lining paper which stops the underlay from becoming attached to the floor while also preventing dirt and dust from moving from the floor into the carpet.

Fit the carpet

After installing the carpet grippers around your room, you are ready to fit the carpet. However, you also need to consider that the underlay must be fitted to the dimensions of the room. This can be achieved by standing in one of the corners of the room and positioning the carpet into the corner making sure that it fits snugly around the edges. In addition, when installing carpet in your room, you should always begin with the longest of the four walls, working backwards until you get to the door. By using a carpet tucker, you can make sure that the carpet is held down by the gripper and then stretched away from the walls.

When you are thinking of installing a carpet in your home, you should consider contacting your local firm of carpet fitting experts as soon as possible for advice and a quote.

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