The Most Common Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

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Putting custom-built replacement windows  or  Renewal NC in your home can be a brilliant way to increase curb appeal without spending a ton of money on custom-built replacement windows. Give your home an instant makeover while increasing energy efficiency. Installing a few replacement windows is your best bet. However, many homeowners stray from the idea because of a few common misconceptions about glass coating, energy options, and the process of installing new windows. If you’re thinking about investing in new replacement windows for your home, read on to get informed.

U-Factor is the Only Thing to Pay Attention To

Tons of homeowners make the mistake of assuming that when it comes to energy-efficient windows, only one thing matters. Reading a window’s U-factor is a way of measuring how well a window traps heat. You might think that this is the only way of gauging a window’s overall efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling, but you’d be wrong. There are many different values to pay attention to when it comes to your replacement windows, including a low-E coating, which makes sure that heat and light from the don’t create excess damage when being filtered through a window, and R-value, which measures a window’s overall insulation.

Vinyl is the Best Material

Although vinyl is a versatile, weather-resistant, and extremely long-lasting material for your new windows, they’re far from being the only option. Vinyl looks great and is inexpensive, and for homeowners looking to replace a bunch of windows at once, it’s often the best option for keeping costs as low as possible. But when it comes to cutting costs in the long run, there are plenty of great materials to use for your window’s frame, including wood, aluminum, and steel.

It’s Extremely Intensive and Expensive

While installing replacement windows does involve a lot of hard work and planning, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Most window replacement jobs can be completed within a two-day span. Replacing your windows doesn’t have to involve doing massive construction work around the entire house, especially if you’re only replacing a few windows at a time. As for cost, the initial investment can actually come out even after a few years if you add up all your savings on heating and cooling bills. While replacing your windows one by one can end up being costly, there’s no reason why investing in new energy-efficient windows shouldn’t work toward your long-term savings goals.

Installation is Simple

While window replacement doesn’t always take a long time, it’s not a job for homeowners who are inexperienced with window installation. For best results, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to install your windows. If you end up installing your replacement windows in a manner that’s incomplete or incorrect, it could end up creating air leaks and letting a ton of cold or hot air in, increasing your energy bills and doing the opposite of their anticipated function. If you take the time to make sure your windows are correctly and professionally installed, you’ll be doing the most to make sure you get the best possible performance out of your brand new windows.

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