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A One-Off Floor Covering for Your Home – Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs


If you’re looking for something that is truly individual, a rare breed sheepskin rug has a lot to offer. These all natural rugs come in a variety of colours and patterns, each of which will be totally unique. The silky and soft wool pile provides a luxurious level of comfort and warmth. The rare breed sheepskin hides are from UK sheep breeds such as Wensleydale Sheep, Welsh Mountain Sheep, Jacob Sheep and many others.

Owning a rare breed sheepskin rug requires little in the way of special maintenance. Properly cared for, the rug will last for years. Animal skin rugs are often bought because it is thought they will stand up to being walked, sat and laid on. While a rare breed sheepskin rug is able to handle such treatment, it will keep its luxurious appearance longer if only used as a decorative covering.

Strong sunlight and damp floors are not suitable bedfellows for a sheepskin rug. Leaving your rug on a damp floor can mean it will be plagued with black mould. While sunlight, on the other hand will cause it to fade, as well as dry out and curl around the edges.

Sheepskin Rugs Have Natural Protection Against Dirt

The best way to keep your rug clean and free of dirt is to take it outside and give it a shake every now and again. Brushing is also beneficial, provided you use the correct type of brush. In the case of sheepskin, a metal brush with wide teeth will be perfect.

Washing a sheepskin rug is not considered necessary in normal circumstancse. This is because the wool fibres contain natural lanolin which acts as a barrier against dirt. However, accidents do happen, even in the most careful of homes. Small spillages must be spot cleaned straight away. This can be done with a clean damp cloth, together with a light detergent designed for wool. If dirt is the issue then allow it to dry out completely and then give the rug a brush to remove it.

Sheepskin can be washed in a washing machine, but its not recommended. If there is no other option, wash it on the wool cycle and use a non-biological detergent. The rug must be dried naturally, not in direct sunlight or near a direct heat source.

For more information about the care of rare breed sheepskin rugs, Hide Rugs can provide more information. Along with supplying a beautiful range of rugs to choose from.

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