Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Rooms


Having limited space in your home can be stressful, especially for those who fancy big furniture. Even mansion owners can sometimes find it hard to fit pieces of furniture in small rooms. This becomes a problem with growing homes where the family keeps expanding and within a few years, the space becomes too small to fit everything inside the house.

The good news is that there are creative ways to make your furniture fit in a small room without having to squeeze up everything. There is affordable modern space-saving furniture which covers everything for years even as your space continues to shrink. So, if you’re looking to save up some extra space and still have all the items you need, here are some space-saving furniture designs that you should buy.

Fold-Down Tables

Tables are not things used all day, and sometimes they lay idle in your living room covering the biggest space. Folding tables can be the best option if you live in a small room and need some extra space. When not in use, these tables can be used as wall decors, mirrors, or something creative.

A foldable table can also double up as a coffee table, a dining table, or a study table. You can fold and extend it as you wish and enjoy the huge space in your house when you don’t need it.

Sleeper Sofas

Having some guests over for the weekend and you don’t know where to put an extra bed? Don’t worry because sleeper sofas provide the solution. This acts like a regular couch where you can sit with your guests and catch up. When darkness falls, and your guests need a place to lie down, then you simply unfold the sofa to make a large, comfortable bed.

Sleeper sofas are stylish, comfortable, and soft enough to serve two purposes, that is, sleeping and sitting. Check out the best sleeper sofas in the market to know which one works best with your space. Not only will it help with saving space but also work as a great décor addition to your room.

Space-Savvy Bed

This is a great bed that keeps clutter away from your room and saves you some functional space. Space-savvy beds come in different designs and options. These are beds that can double up as storage underneath and still not compromise your comfort. You can store clothes, books, and other personal items that are filling up your small space.

Clothes Rails

Clothes rails not only save you the cost of buying a wardrobe but also keep your house tidy and neat since they don’t occupy a lot of space. Clothes rails are also easy to transport and assemble. Not forgetting to mention how easy it will be for you to access your clothes because they will be within your reach.

Stair Drawers

If you have stairs in your apartment and still lack enough storage for your shoes and other items, then you don’t know how much storage space you’re wasting. Stair drawers are not only perfect for those with small houses but also provide some aesthetic appeal to large homes. They are more than just extra storage spaces but also a creative way to make your home more luxurious.

Portable Air Conditioners

When the heat gets too much, and you have no extra space for an air conditioner in your home, then go for a portable one. You can buy the best portable air conditioners in the market and fit them anywhere in your house without worrying about the limited space.

Portable air conditioners are easy to install and will give your room a desirable cooling effect in no time. You can also go for personal desktop models if you need one for your small office and work in a cool and lovely environment.

Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

This is a brilliant space-saving idea for those who want to have an iron board without occupying a lot of space in their tiny rooms. Instead of moving the board around, you simply have to mount it on the wall and pull it out only when you need to use it.

Ironing boards are strong and also of great quality. Since you won’t be dragging it from one corner of the house to another, the ironing board will remain in good condition for longer, and you won’t need to waste a lot of money on replacements.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are growing in popularity thanks to their ability to save a lot of space. They are aesthetically pleasing, hence, they will serve as the perfect choice for interior decor. They also allow you to save money as they are easy to install and can be used on doors as heavy as 150kgs without the need of soft closers.

Shoe Storage Bench

Did you know that you can have a shoe rack and a bench all in one? Well, that’s possible with a shoe storage bench. The bench is strong enough to hold your weight and still have several pairs of shoes intact. If you want extra comfort, you can even add a pillow on the bench and sit for longer periods without feeling uncomfortable.

Under Sink Storage Rack

You don’t have to squeeze yourself in the kitchen when you can get extra storage space under your sink. An under-sink storage rack offers you an easy solution to organize some of your items neatly under the sink. This is a perfect space to store small kitchen items such as dishes, spices, fruits, etc. The rack is adjustable and removable; hence, you can always find a new space for it or have an easy time transporting it from room to room.

When space becomes a luxury in your house, there is no need to stress out. You just need a little creativity to make everything fit in perfectly. Shop around for some of the best furniture for small spaces and see for yourself how much space you’re going to save without sacrificing your luxury and comfort.

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