Keeping Your Home Comfortable Year Round


If you live in the northern part of the country, you may feel too cold a good deal of the time. Likewise, if you live in the southern states, you are likely too hot. Even the middle states have reason to complain as they can be all over the place. There are a few things you can do to help your home feel cozy and comfortable all year, no matter where you live.


An efficient gas furnace can be your best friend in cold weather. You can warm up fairly quickly by sitting near one and allowing the warmth to ease your tense muscles. If your furnace isn’t operating properly call a reliable tampa heating repair company to get you back in the comfort zone. Electric baseboard heat can also be helpful – just take care to keep furnishings and draperies away from them. A great way to make the bathroom a warm and cozy haven during cold weather is to install a floor heater beneath your flooring – no more cold tootsies.


Air conditioners can be a lifesaver in 100-degree weather, especially during a heat wave. Knowing how to maximize their effectiveness is important. Clean them at the end of each season and be sure to change any filters as applicable. Install a ceiling fan in your sleeping area to keep a gentle breeze cooling you as you sleep. Most fans are equipped with a switch for drawing warm air upward in summer and downward in winter, so make sure it is set correctly for the season. Even portable box fans can provide needed relief, and when placed outward in an upper window at night can draw the heat up and out of the house.


If your climate is very humid, invest in a couple of dehumidifiers to place in the bathrooms to prevent mold and in the bedroom to keep it more comfortable during sleep. When the opposite is the case, you may wish to run a standard steam humidifier to make the air more comfortable and to help prevent static building conditions.

Weather Stripping

Now that you have your home at just the right temperature for optimal comfort, take a few precautions to keep it that way. Install pre-cut foam insulators behind all of your existing switches and outlets to help prevent the transfer of temperatures between inside and out. Add a self-adhesive weather stripping product around doors to help seal in your comfortable temperature.

A few precautionary measures or repairs can make all the difference in your home’s climate. Take care of these and your house really can be an enjoyable home, sweet home.

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