Five Latest Trends for Kitchen Countertops


One of the essential parts of a kitchen is the countertop. It is the focal point and the most functional of all the areas in the kitchen. With regular use, countertops are subject to abuse; hence, it is equally vital to choose a countertop material that will stand the test of time. Like other interior design trends, there are countertop styles and designs that are more popular than others. Every year, a new trend emerges, and it helps to keep an eye out for the latest designs in case you are planning to renovate your kitchen.

Quartz is still relevant

When quartz became available on the market, it was supposed to be a high-end alternative to natural stone like granite. One of the downsides of granite is its porous surface making it prone to staining. Quartz is superior because the resin that binds the particles together prevents stains from penetrating the surface. Quartz is also resistant to bacteria and relatively easy to clean. Although in the past, quartz options were limited, many quartz worktop London manufacturers and suppliers carry a wide variety of colours and styles that mimic the look of natural stone.

Honed and matte surfaces

A recent design trend for kitchen countertops is to focus on texture. As such, some designers are experimenting with different finishes for natural stone. Instead of the more popular polished finish, you can opt for a honed texture or matte finish to your kitchen worktop. The advantage of using a matte finish for natural stone surfaces is that it can help hide imperfections and flaws.

Surface veins and patterns

One of the advantages of working with natural stone like granite and marble is the opportunity to choose a countertop with unique patterns and veining. Each slab of natural stone has a distinct pattern which adds character to the finished surface. This used to be impossible with engineered materials like quartz. But recent advances in technology and manufacturing allow produces to come up with organic designs and patterns for engineered materials which can mimic the look of natural stone. If you are looking for an unusual appeal for your kitchen, you can match countertop patterns with other design elements in the kitchen such as the floor and cabinetry.

Modern kitchen sink styles

Modern kitchen countertop designs also include trends in kitchen sinks. One of the recent popular trends is to install integrated sinks that look seamless and sleek. This year, this trend is still popular, but you can experiment more with finishes, sizes, and shapes. Oversized sinks are also a favourite for modern homes, which goes nicely with large kitchen appliances and cabinetry.

Kitchen backsplash trends

Backsplashes complement kitchen worktops really well. These days, expect a mix of modern and rustic patterns. For example, instead of using typical subway tiles, you can opt for bigger slabs or patterned tiles for backsplashes. It is also quite popular to incorporate pops of colour for kitchens to contrast with the neutral tone of natural stone kitchen worktops. Hanging cabinets are also becoming less popular which gives more space for experimenting with kitchen backsplashes.

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