What You Should Know about the True Benefits of Having a Marble Kitchen Worktop


When you are planning to have a new kitchen worktop installed, it’s something you should consider carefully and thoroughly. Your kitchen worktop, after all, is an investment, and it can serve as a unique and beautiful focal point for your kitchen for many years to come. If you want your kitchen worktop to be a worthwhile investment, you should plan on choosing one which can last for decades. But the first step is arguably the hardest: which worktop material should you choose? There’s natural stone, and there’s engineered stone, but for many, natural stone – especially marble – trumps everything else. If you are considering marble as a kitchen worktop, here’s what you should know about the real benefits of having a marble kitchen worktop.

Marble is cool

When we say ‘marble is cool’ we mean this in a figurative sense – and in a literal sense as well. Marble is cool to the touch, even when the day is hot, or it’s the middle of summer. You can see the real benefit of this if you like to bake. If you use your marble worktop as a prep surface for baking (such as for kneading dough), you’ll have an easier time because marble stays cool. The dough will be easier for you to work with, and a lot of baking enthusiasts love marble for this precise reason. Since the marble worktop stays cool, the dough will be less likely to stick.

Marble is inherently beautiful and attractive

Another certain benefit of marble is its beauty and attractiveness. There’s no doubt that marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones around, and if you want a kitchen worktop that’s elegant and full of aesthetic appeal, then marble is a great choice. Marble often comes in light shades, although there are, of course, darker shades, if you choose a light shade of marble, your kitchen can also look more spacious. Additionally, no two pieces of marble are entirely alike, so if you would like a kitchen worktop that is truly unique, then you’d best go with marble – it will not disappoint. You will have a lot of options when it comes to shade and colour, from white and pink to red, black, green, and more.

Marble is not difficult to maintain

Marble, just like other natural stones such as granite, is not difficult to maintain, either, as confirmed by the specialists in marble and granite worktops in Ireland from C & G Granite. If you want to clean your marble worktop, all you need is some water and gentle soap or detergent. Simply wipe down the surface with this mixture, and you’re set. And if over time, your marble worktop gets some light scratches from wear and tear, you can repair it yourself; alternatively, you can call in the experts to repair the scratches for you.

It all comes down to your preference, of course – but with marble, you can’t go wrong, particularly if you are looking for beauty and appeal, sturdiness, and easy maintenance.




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