Why Hornets Are Attracted to Your Home

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Hornets are a species of wasps that are recognized as one of the most common pests found in many homes. Hornets can be very difficult to deal with, as their stings can cause pains and swelling. To deal with hornets, it is important to know what attracts them to your home. Having this knowledge will help you to get rid of them easily. Below are five things that attract hornets to your home.

Five Things That Attract Hornets To Your Home

Like other pests, hornets stay in your home because they are attracted to certain things. Below are five things that attract hornets to your home.

        Safe Refuge: The availability of having a safe space is one of the main reasons why hornets are attracted to houses. Areas like cavities, insulated walls, and crevices are great spots for hornets to build their nests. Female hornets usually look for protected areas to take care of their colonies in the fall season, and these areas of the home make the best

        Food: Another reason why hornets stay in homes is the availability of food.  Hornets like most wasps feed on other insects. The warm months that follow the fall season are a great time for hornets to feed endlessly. If you have a large presence of insects in your yard and garden, hornets will most definitely be attracted to your home. You can be sure to find them hovering over the grounds of your home. One thing about most wasps, their food choices change with the weather season. While they appreciate insects in the summer, they have different preferences for other seasons.

        Leftover Meat: One thing that a lot of people do not know about hornets is that they enjoy a lot of protein-based foods. As a result of this preference, you can see the, looking out for leftover meat and another protein scrap in your trash bin. Also, if you grill food outdoor, you might find hornets hovering around you, trying to get close to the food. They look for leftover meat during the hunting sprees in the summer and spring seasons.

        Sweet Food: Just like protein-based food, hornets also like a lot of sweet food. Sweet food items are their go-to choice in the fall and winter seasons after summer has gone. In this period, their desire for meat and other protein food is replaced by the need for sweet food. You can be sure to see them going after fruit trees, feeding on fallen fruit, as well as fruit juice and soda cans.

        Flowers: If you have a garden in your yard, hornets will most likely show up at your home. Wasps like flowers for two major reasons. They enjoy the nectar which serves as a food source for them. Also, the pleasant fragrance of flowers is something that they enjoy.

Dealing with hornets can be stressful, which is why it is best to contact a pest control company agency. Learn more here about hornets.

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