How to Opt for an Automatic Screw Tightening Machine Wisely?


Today, automatic screw tightening machines are on the list of most commonly used machines on the planet. If you add these units to your assembly line, you can work wonders. For instance, you can give a boost to the efficiency and productivity of your workplace. In this article, we are going to learn how to opt for a good machine the right way.

If you want to make a switch to an automated machine, make sure you answer some common questions first. For instance, you should consider the purpose of buying one.

For instance, if you get a tailored unit, you can find it easier to make a certain product or part of it. Also, if you get a flexible one, you can perform different types of processing without worrying about quality issues.

If you want to choose a good automated screw tightening machine, make sure you don’t ignore some common factors. Let’s talk about them.

First of all, the screwdriver shouldn’t be too big or it may block your vision. Apart from this, the device shouldn’t be too heavy either or it may cause discomfort to you.

Secondly, the machine should not be too noisy or you may have a headache. Ideally, the noise level should not be more than 50 decibels. Besides, the unit you are going to buy shouldn’t feature a vibration plate or it may cause the screw to wear off pretty quickly.

Also, the device should have acousto-optic features. Besides, it should feature a screw counter to help you save important statistics for your record. Although this is a minor feature, it can be really helpful for you.

Another great feature of an automated screw tightening machine is that they allow you to free both of your hands. You don’t need to wait for the screw to be locked in place. All you need to do is place the screw on the hole and the machine will do the rest of the job.

Also, a good machine has to have a neat and clean work area. This will make sure that the machine won’t get rusty with the passage of time. After all, you don’t want the machine to stop working after a few years.

Since these machines can be fixed on a desktop, they don’t occupy a lot of space. Also, these machines are made of aluminum alloy that features high rigidity. Also, it features a multi-axis design that makes sure you get great accuracy.

Another great feature of an automatic screw tightening unit is that they come with a user-friendly touch screen. Plus, the device is not difficult to use at all. As a matter of fact, you can perform the screw locking operation without any problem.

In short, this was a brief look at some of the factors you must consider before you get your hands on a good automatic screw tightening machine. Hopefully, you will find these factors convincing enough to go for the best unit for your business.